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  • Dogs in Costumes Go Trick-or-Treating on Halloween

  • Isn't he so cute? This is from his first day home!!

  • Cairn pup Hazel and Prickle the hedgehog go for a quick dip together!

  • Pomeranian puppy can't get over the step!

  • How could anyone say no to that face?

  • Hedgehogs can be prickly, but sweet. Like dogs, they enjoy a good belly rub

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  • Pug dog gets a back massage from his feline friend.

  • These dogs are welcoming these soldiers home! So sweet!

  • This fat little beagle loves his belly rubs!

  • Clever dog plays fetch with himself!

  • Cat vs Dog - Who do you think WON?

  • Rottweiler VS. Cat

  • Baby Dog Sings Vampire Weekend - Chihuahua with a serious passion for singing

  • Cute Puppy Life -

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